Organic Juniper Berries

Organic juniper berries have a distinct aromatic flavour that can liven up meals and really enhance the flavours. Try grinding down juniper berries and adding other herbs & spices to create a tasty spice that can be used on vegetables and baked tofu.
About Organic Dried Juniper Berries
Believe it or not, juniper berries are not actually a berry but in fact a cone with an appearance that resembles that of a berry. Organic juniper berries have been used for years for the number of nutritional benefits that come from consuming the berry. In some places, juniper berries are traditionally used to help improve kidney health as it is a natural diuretic or to improve the digestive system by increasing the flow of digestive fluids. There is however no proof that consuming juniper berries will provide you with these health benefits.
If you find yourself wondering what to do with organic juniper berries, why not try grinding them down and adding other spices to create a unique spice that can be used to flavour baked tofu or add to hearty stews and casseroles. Juniper berries are also used in the making of gin, which in fact gives gin its distinctive pine-like flavour.
• Grind down and use as a spice rub for roasting vegetables or baked tofu
• Enhance rich meals that the whole family will enjoy
• Use ground juniper berries to enhance the flavours of a spiced fruit cake
• Use as a botanical in beverages
• Use to make gin with its unmistakable aromatic flavour

Organic Dried Juniper Berries
Allergen Information
Packed on premises that handles nuts (including peanuts), seeds, cereals, soya & products containing gluten.
Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight

NutritionPer 100g
Energy (Kj)1515
Energy (Kcal)362
Fat (g)14.6
– saturates (g)7.5
Carbohydrates (g)37.3
– sugars (g)10.4
Fibre (g)12.7
Protein (g)19.8
Salt (g)0.04